Two best friends with big dreams and even bigger hearts watched as their worlds collided to form their band Kaleidoscope.  Influenced by artists such as Britt Nicole and Demi Lovato, this is a fun and fresh pop duo that offers an exciting and current sound to Christian music.  Kaleidoscope’s Natalie Brown and Cammie Avers met in college and knew the Lord had joined their paths for bigger things than they could even imagine.  Sharing the same dreams and passions for ministry, music, and teen girls, the two decided to join forces to make an even bigger impact on the world together.  Ultimately, Kaleidoscope desires to see hearts and lives changed through their music.  These women represent more than just songs, but truly portray the idea that even the ordinary can be used in extraordinary ways!

“Like a kaleidoscope, set in motion, He’s making beauty out of the broken”


  • Born and raised in Northern California—therefore a lover of the ocean and the California sunshine
  • Married the first and only man she ever dated, Casey Brown. He also happens to write music and produce it for them!
  • Her biggest weakness—anything sweet and delicious. Give her a stellar sweet and salty combo and she is done for!
  • Isn’t afraid to show off her sweet dance moves no matter the location or people around.
  • Frequently botches common sayings/phrases. Ex “downhill bears” (bad news bears) and  “go lucky happy” (happy go lucky)


  • From the great state of Texas and grew up singing country music—yodeling, wearing cowboy boots, the whole deal!
  • Started dating her husband when they were 16! They are total opposites. She’s a hypochondriac; He’s a doctor. She sings; He’s tone deaf.
  • Obsessed with Pink. Like, it’s a problem. In fact, if you were to ask any of her friends to describe her in one word they would probably say “pink.”
  • Used to have a pet squirrel and she named him Pip like the squirrel in Disney’s Enchanted.
  • Has two little sisters who look just like her. They also happen to be two of her favorite people on the planet.